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What is it?

Tetas Y Recetas (Tits and Tips) is a multilingual and multimedia theatrical project. The languages used in the play are English, Spanish, Italian, and French. Tetas (tits) because the three main characters in the play are women who undergo changes in their lives that require new recetas, new ways to face life. Recetas (recipes but also tips) because all through the play references will be made either at cooking recipes or at useful tips. Each time this happens a video about them will be projected on a screen on stage, creating an interplay with the flow of the scenes.

Tetas y Recetas (Tits and tips) is also and mainly a comedy exploring such themes as the meaning of the word ‘family’, respect, solidarity, hope, the ability of accept the changes that life brings us face to face with, the need to take care of our environment and our health, with a special focus on the prevention of breast cancer.



Andrea, 40, Spanish teacher and amateur actress. Lives in London. She’s a practical and independent woman;

Lucía, 50, Andrea’s big sister. Lives in Palencia, small town in northern Spain. She works in the town council and she’s a very environment-friendly person;

Diana, 25, Lucía’s daughter. A graduate with a Master’s degree, she could easily get a job through her father, an Italian diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but wants to make it on her own;

Philippe, 35, Belgian, Andrea’s friend, he lives in London. Polyglot, translator and amateur actor, heir to his father’s family business, a chocolate factory, he is an atypical Don Juan.

Kathy, 50, British nurse, she shares a flat with Philippe. She’s been everywhere and done every possible imaginable thing in her life, but still believes in humanity and so works for an NGO helping refugees.


February. London, Palencia and Rome. Lucía, Andrea and Diana find themselves at a crossroads in their lives. Cancer, pregnancy and betrayal: their “recipes” for life get all messed up and they will need to find new ones with Philippe and Kathy. Five characters and different generations facing with all their irony and courage the tragicomical situations life very often throws at us.

The final message of the show is simple: life is full of surprises… and they are not always bad!

Some significative lines:

“Las familias perfectas están solo en las fotografías” (Andrea)

“You can’t save them all, You can’t save them all…  I’m so tired of trying to fix things.” (Kathy)

 “A real job! A salary every month, health insurance, benefits,  career possibilities… A job! At 35, I think I deserve it!” (Philippe)

 “Papa, tu ressembles une tomate ! » (Philippe)

 “Voi non siete un granché, ma sempre meglio degli orsi polari!” (Diana)

“Estoy sana, no me voy a morir… Bueno, sí, me voy a morir, pero no ahora.” (Lucía)


by Susana Mendo Murillo, Francesco Baj, Beatriz Prior

with Beatriz Prior, Duné Medros, Susana Mendo Murillo, Tracy Walsh Caputo, Frank Baj

Set and Costumes by Guillem Soler Pou

Music by Marco Lorenzo Faustini

Directed by Flavio Marigliani

Debuted at Teatro Piccolo Eliseo, Rome – and ready to come where you are! Get in touch!

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