Multilingual Workshop

The one & only multilingual workshop for actors!

A full immersion into the potential of multilingue. Test the advantage of “letting go of language” for your performative skills.

Identify and experiment a kind of communication that goes beyond the idea of language. Make the spoken word we often take for granted on stage shine even more.

Improvisation. Scene work. Basics of Commedia dell’Arte. Camera work.

Who are we?

Teatro Multilingue is the one and only company creating multilingual shows for theatre and cinema. Multilingual means that more than one language is used within the same story.

Our format

You don’t need to know or speak all the languages to understand and follow the story. Languages and words are sometimes a barrier, but to us they are an opportunity.

Our work

Letting go of language doesn’t mean forget about language. We use words to communicate but often take their meaning for granted. There’s so much more we can express. Our workshop focuses on this idea by applying the principles of multilingue to an actor’s training.

“The students all had such a great time and learned so much.”

Vassia Argenti, Director of Η Έκτη Τέχνη Drama School Athens, Greece



Actor, Director, Writer and Drama Coach – His play “Soriana” won the DCQ Award for Best Play in 2009 and received a special mention at the Premio Luigi Pirandello at the Italian Cultural Institute in Athens, Greece. He has directed the monologue “Animula Vagula Blandula”, the only contemporary play to be presented at the Festival di Teatro Classico di Velia (2015.) He has also written and directed “La bambina di carta”, a play about the plight of child brides from Yemen to Italy. In 2020 he co-founds Teatro Multilingue, directing all their theatre and cinema productions; and starring in the multilingual monologue in English, Italian and Modern Greek “Goodbye Papà” and as the Inspector in the short play “Sigo recordando la calma de aquella noche” finalist at the Festival de microteatro El Pasillo Verde in Madrid, Spain (2022.) In 2023 he played Alrecchino in and also directed “La Reine de marbre.”


Actress, Drama Coach and Counsellor – She starts out her professional career very young with TV kids’ shows (CIAO CIAO, ZAP ZAP.) She is then cast in various roles for TV, cinema, and advertising, working with C. Elia, A. Angelini, E. Oldoini, L. Miniero e P. Genovese, A. Capone and P.Virzì. In 2006 she’s awarded Best Supporting Actress for “Antonio, guerriero di Dio” by A. Bellucco. Theatre work includes being directed by D. Camerini, M. Andreozzi, B. Amodio, I. Kusch, L. Monti, M. Pini. Since 2003 she’s been teaching in various drama schools with a specialisation in social theatre and because of this line of work she also became a professional counsellor. For Teatro Multilingue she has performed one of three main roles in the new multilingual show “La Reine de marbre.”

Experience Multilingue

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