WHO – We are a unique experiment in theatre and cinema. A self-funded, independent company producing multilingual shows. What is multilingual? Multilingual means that several languages (two, three or four depending on the show) are mixed naturally and organically within the same story.

WHAT – Theatre & languages. Languages & theatre. Do you have to know or speak all the languages to follow the story and understand? NO! Our objective is to go beyond language through language. We have created a special format that makes this possible, adaptable to the content of the play, and also to the location where we are. The feedback we’ve had so far, both live and online, has confirmed to us that this “experiment” works. You don’t have to be multilingual – you already are!

We are all living in a multilingual world!

WHY – Languages, especially our native, are very often taken for granted, while “foreign” languages are sometimes considered a barrier to understanding – to us they are an opportunity, a theatrical opportunity that adds unity and meaning to the stories we portray. Being based in Europe, we couldn’t but reflect this on the current European reality, in which languages and what they mean can (some would say should) be the perfect vehicle to a better understanding of who we are, in relation to ourselves and in relation to others.


So come and discover the surprising effect of multilingue! Follow us and watch one of our online products. Or catch a live show close to where you are!



10 JULY – FUSE International FestivalKingston upon Thames, UK, with “Goodbye Papà”

15 y 16 JULIO – Festival de Microteatro El Pasillo VerdeMadrid, Spain, with “Sigo recordando la calma de aquella noche”

24 & 25 August – Camden FringeLondon, UK, with “Mrs Green”


26 SEPT – 2 OCT: EU Language Week, access to our OnDemand Catalogue

7 NOVEMBER – Voilà! Europe Theatre Festival, London, UK, with “I Still Recall that Quiet Night” Multilingual short play

27 NOVEMBER – Online (Everywhere), with Making My Day Multilingual Short film

8 DECEMBER – Alma TheatreBristol, UK, with “Goodbye Papà”

11 & 12 DECEMBER – The Hope TheatreLondon, UK, with “Goodbye Papà”

21 DECEMBER – Teatrosophia – Roma, Italy, with Microteatro & Aperitivo!


21 & 22 GENNAIO – Isola Casa Teatro – Milano, Italy, with “Goodbye Papà”

12 & 13 FEBRUARY – The Lion & Unicorn Theatre, London, UK, with “I Still Recall that Quiet Night

9 to 12 MARZO – Teatrosophia – Roma, Italy, with “La Reine de marbre


23, 24 & 25 APRIL – Teatrosophia – Roma, Italy, with Microteatro & Aperitivo!

2, 3 & 4 JUNE – Teatrosophia – Roma, Italy, with Microteatro & Aperitivo!

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