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La Reine de marbre

La reine de marbre is a divertissement of comedy and absurd that through the revisited mechanisms of the commedia dell’arte looks at the social and political issues of our time. Blissfully drifting through the Mediterranean aboard an 18th-century vessel are El Capitan Arlecchino and two ladies-in-waiting of a beheaded queen: Madonna Angelica and Petite Lucrecia. A terrible storm comes and shakes the ship to its core…

Goodbye Papà

A bizarre family story, the chance for an imagined encounter through language. Both funny and heart-rending, Goodbye Papà explores identity, shared memories and, last but not least, language and our relation to it, through what can be expressed. Figlio’s eulogy is the ultimate attempt to connect with something irremediably lost. Rome, Bristol, Kingston, London, Milano and Greece. In English, italiano and ελληνικά.

Mrs Green

A unique multilingual journey sold out in London, Bristol and Rome, Mrs Green is a story that traverses both borders and tongues, to focus on Brexit and Anglo-European relations. Funny and thought-provoking, it follows the stories of Isabella, Jacques and Mrs Green. Premiered at Clapham and Watford Fringe Festivals, it’s now on its way to Kingston and the Camden Fringe, London. In English, français, italiano.

I Still Recall…

I Still Recall That Quiet Night is a short play about privacy, control and immigration. Begun as a short film, the short play has been live to Madrid and London and was also part of the Voilà Europe Theatre Festival. An unusual interrogation between an Inspector from the Department of Public Security and a woman whose job is to help migrants in need. A thriller in which language too plays a very disturbing part.

Microteatro & aperitivo!

A bizarre family story to talk about identity. English Father dies all of a sudden in Egypt, leaving “half of his body” to his Son in Italy and the other “half” to his daughter in France (or Spain, in the Spanish version) both of whom he had abandoned at age six. The two siblings have never met and are now getting ready for the two separate funerals. 15 minutes followed by aperitivo! In English, italiano & français or español.

Miercoles en Macondo

Un omaggio partecipativo a Gabriel García Márquez y su realismo mágico. Con Isabel rientriamo a Macondo mentre si attende la sepoltura del Dottore la cui morte è attesa da tutto il villaggio da oltre 10 anni. Isabel ci racconta i suoi sogni, la sua infanzia e un pezzo di storia cancellato della Storia ufficiale della Colombia – il massacro dei contadini nei campi di banane. Versione bilingue español, italiano.


From Calabria to America and back to Italy – un mix esplosivo di comicità dal messaggio forte. In DM55, the quirky De Salvatore comes out of her closet with more than just a spiffy skirt and blouse… she reveals a chronic and life threatening blood condition while maintaining humour, optimism and grit. The show hopes to inspire its audience to donate blood. Bilingual version English, italiano.

Discovery y Perseverancia

Una obra de microteatro para niños (4 años +) en la que se mezclan español y inglés americano de forma organica y natural. Una historia de amistad y de colaboración seleccionada en la sección infantil con tema “Por el futuro.” En un lugar del planeta Marte el rover Perseverancia y su helicóptero Discovery aprenden a trabajar juntos, in Spanish & English!

Una su Tre (1 in 3)

Una su Tre (One in Three) aims at opening up the discussion about stories of domestic violence – often underestimated or simply ignored – through an interlaced series of episodes taken from current events and the biography of historical characters. A thread connecting women of different languages and cultures. In English and italiano.

La Tinellaria

Teatro Clásico y Teatro Político – un juego lingüístico y teatral para una reflexión crítica sobre las contradicciones socioeconómicas del presente. This is our multilingual revisitation of a comedia written in 1517 by Bartolomé de Torres Naharro during El Siglo de Oro. The kitchen of a cardinal in Rome becomes one of today’s international organizations and the cardinal’s servants its employees.

Sigo recordando…

Sigo recordando la calma de aquella noche examina la idea del control y la intrusión continua en nuestra privacidad con el pretexto de la seguridad. Ya sean los gobiernos o alguna otra organización pública o privada, la realidad es que hay muy poco que podemos hacer sin que nos vigilen o incluso nos graben. In español and English. Premiered at El Pasillo Verde Teatro in Madrid, Spain, July 2022.

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