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Goodbye, Papá (ES) (FR)

English Father dies all of a sudden in Egypt, leaving “half of his body” to his Son in Italy and the other “half” to his daughter in France (or Spain, in the Spanish version) both of whom he had abandoned at age six. The two siblings have never met and are now getting ready for the two separate funerals.

Mrs Green (FR) (ES)

London, post Brexit. Mrs Green finds a green suitcase under the bed in the flat she used to rent to Isabel, a Spanish girl who was studying to be an actress at the LAMDA Academy. She gets in touch with her. Is the suitcase Isabel’s or Jacques’, the French guy Isabel had a relationship with?

He perdido a Marseille

Marseille, 2 april 1939. María Luisa, Spanish refugee in France, is looking for her cat at the Vieux Port. Suddenly a French guy approaches her trying to give her a pamphlet of the Jeunesse Communiste, followed by an Italian girl with a painful past. What do they want of María Luisa? And will she accept?

I Still Recall That Quiet Night (ITA/ENG)

She helps out migrants in need. He’s an inspector from the Department of Security. He’s looking for something in her office before opening times. He finds it just as she comes in.

What follows is not your usual interrogation. The frightening claws of bureaucracy get everywhere, and privacy loses all its meaning. It’s a disturbing game and language, too, plays its part in an unexpected twist. Nothing and no one must slip through the cracks of control.

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