Mrs Green


The Story

London, post Brexit. Mrs Green finds a green suitcase under the bed of the flat she used to rent to Isabel, a Spanish girl who was studying acting at the LAMDA academy. She gets in touch with her. But is the suitcase Isabel’s or Jacques’, the young Frenchman Isabel used to date?

Mrs Green is the love story between Jacques and Isabel – but also the love story between the UK and Europe – a story that Brexit will change in unexpected ways. How can we react to what happens around us in the world? Should we fight to get things to change the way Isabel would, or should we just let it all pass and find a way to have it be ok the way Jacques would?

And Mrs Green? What does she think of Brexit? London-born Mrs Green… in love with Europe, above all its “muy caliente” Southern shores, who’s traveled extensively and feels she also belongs to that “Continent” on the other side of the Channel… After all, as she says to Isabel, once London is no longer feasible “You will always have Paris, no?”

Three characters that will take you through this special journey, half theatre, half documentary, to explore one of the most important current events in recent European history and its impact on our personal lives.

Mrs Green is the second episode in the #Europe21 trilogy – a trilogy of short films shot in a theatre and whose main theme is today’s Europe (its languages, its society, its past and its future.)

Available in two versions (FRA or ESP) according to whom is telling the story, Jacques or Isabel. As always, choose yours or watch both!

With Altea Hernández, Maxence Dinant & Shelagh Gallivan.

Written by Francesco Baj

Directed by Flavio Marigliani

Short by Marco Aquilanti

Sound editor Edoardo Salini

Edited by Nuvole Rapide Produzioni

Produced by Teatro Multilingue®

Set photos by Violetta Canitano

“No man is an island, every man a piece of the continent, right?”

Mrs Green

“Mi madre: “¡Cásate con un ingles, Isabel! ¡Cásate con un ingles!””


“Viens an Angleterre! Le Royaume Uni c’est pour toi aussi!”


“A visual metaphor for a nation

struggling with an identity.”

daniel hess @ totonyproductions (baltimore, USA)
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