A unique multilingual journey of comedy and reflection into Brexit and its impact on our personal lives.

Written by
Francesco Baj

Directed by
Flavio Marigliani

Julia Messina, Victor Ciri, Dyanne White

Produced by
Teatro Multilingue

Running Time
50 minutes

Audience age recommendation

Half play half documentary, Mrs Green is a unique multilingual journey of comedy and reflection into Brexit and its impact on our personal lives. In three languages intertwined (English, français, italiano) but you don’t need to know or speak all of them to follow the story and understand!

The show aims at exploring the political, social and human implications of this crucial event in recent European history, from as objective and neutral a perspective as humanly possible.

The plot: London. Mrs Green finds a suitcase in the flat she used to rent to Isabella, an Italian girl at the LAMDA drama school. She gets in touch with her. But is the suitcase Isabella’s or Jacques’, the young French intern in a bank Isabella used to date?

This new play by Teatro Multilingue continues our work with theatre and languages – the special format we have created makes it possible for the audience to follow the story and enjoy the play without knowing or speaking all the languages involved. The constructed barriers between native and foreign language are down and the surprising (and quite natural, too!) effect of multilingualism comes to life by adding more meaning to what happens on stage, in this case Brexit and its impact.

Check out what people have said and come see for yourself.

Mrs Green is loosely based on the short film by the same name released in February 2021, which has been defined “a visual metaphor for a nation struggling with an identity.” It has been a finalist for Best Short Film at “London Shorts” and a semi-finalist at the “Stockholm City Film Festival.” The short film was the second episode in the #Europe21 trilogy, a trilogy of short films shot in a theatre and whose main objective was to try to answer the question: what does being European mean today?

WHEN & WHERE? (Book by clicking on Fringe link)

Friday 1st October at 5pm @Clapham Fringe, London

Saturday 2nd October at 5pm @ Clapham Fringe, London

Sunday 3rd October at 3:30pm @ Watford Fringe, Herts

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