Goodbye, Papà

Goodbye, Papà

The Story

English Father dies all of a sudden in Egypt, leaving “half of his body” to his Son in Italy and the other “half” to his daughter in Spain/France, both of whom he had abandoned at age six. The two siblings have never met and are now getting ready for the two separate funerals. Which half is each of them going to get?

Available in two versions; “française” with Italian son and French daughter; or “española” with Italian son and Spanish daughter. Choose yours or watch both!

This short is the first episode in the #Europe21 trilogy – a trilogy of short films shot in a theatre and whose main theme is today’s Europe (its languages, its society, its past and its future.) This rather odd family story is the chance to create a dialogue, a sort of dual initiation between a brother and a sister who have never met into their childhood, their memories, the father who abandoned them, the reactions of their mothers and, last but not least, their strange relation with the English language, something they both inherited from their father and which they both refused at some point in their life. The story unfolds as the two come up with their own eulogy to the dead father and reminisce about all the moments in their separate lives, which they think they must have had in common.

With Francesco Baj (Figlio), Milca Lemasle (Fille), Ineska Dabrowski (Hija); and the voices of Douglas Dean (Father) and Camilla Mazzitelli (Radio journalist.)

Written by Francesco Baj

Directed by Flavio Marigliani

Shot by Marco Aquilanti

Sound editor Edoardo Salini

Edited by Nuvole Rapide Produzioni

Final Song by Aladdin Insane Tribute Band, lead vocal Ambra Mattioli

Produced by Teatro Multlilingue®

Set photos by Violetta Canitano

“Some get money, or a house, or a family

heirloom – I got a language.”

“The strongest entry to the #Europe21 trilogy”

the basic theatre reviewer (London, UK)

“A unique sense of depth to the story told.”

daniel hess @ totonyproductions (Baltimore, USA)
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